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8.18 | 50 years of passion, ambition is still young

发布时间:2020-08-18 18:03浏览次数: 0

On August 18, 2020, Siwun celebrates its 50th anniversary

It's every Siwuners‘ holiday

 We will not forget the beginning

Also always remember, the growth of the company


The Siwun story, from August 18, 1970

Siwun takes "science and technology, innovation" as the continuous driving force

Dare to explore and practice

To provide customers with automated logistics conveying sorting system, mobile work platform overall solution


The Siwun spans 50 years of growth

Can not be separated from the attention and support of partners

Uphold the concept of "innovation, openness and trustworthiness"

The original heart does not change, the common spectrum



Generations of people with wisdom, youth, blood

Constantly learn and absorb the essence of the industry

Armed with strength, through the confusion, to reach the target



Information Siwun will closely focus on the development strategy of China Post Technology with "science and technology" as the center

Insight into future industry and technology trends

With the group's strong technology research and development precipitation, talent team, product advantages

Continue to contribute to the development of the industry "SIWUN" power